Expected results

- Demonstrated ability of passive technologies, full-scale, as a viable treatment for acid mine drainage.

- Freeze toxic contaminants in acidic waters through precipitation and settling, with approximate yields of 90-100%. To eliminate the acidity (pH value of treated water range from 6.0-8.0) and metal compounds (discharge parameters are close to the permitted limits).

- Improve water quality. The treatments are so effective that the treated water could be even closer to the requirements of pre-potability of water for human consumption according to EU legislation (Directive 98/83/EC, OJ L No. 330 December 1998)

- Quantify the progress made ​​in terms of impacts on the economy and local population.

- Demonstrate the feasibility of technologies that solve a major environmental problem affecting waters degraded by mining. The ETAD LIFE project aims to be the reference for other places in Europe with similar problems.

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